Fred Crabtree, two-time winner of the National Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival, has spent thirty years perfecting his eclectic style, yet his music defies conventional name tags. Bluegrass, country western, pop, folk and blues influences can all be heard, but none has proved broad enough to contain the poetic heart and vagabond spirit of his original harmonica /guitar compositions. Fashioning a harmonica holder from a bent coat hanger, Crabtree plays both instruments simultaneously, producing a unique combination of sounds that would usually require two musicians. He has been described a a ‘pure American storyteller with the heart of a poet and a rowdy honky-tonk soul.” After thirty years of writing, singing and playing his own songs, the man whose music has been described as “vintage hobo” and a “modern collision of new and old”, can only be known as, “Crabtree.”

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